Notes & Methods



Geometry is the transparency of form.

There is a transparent world in which objects exist in a state of potential unknown to the human senses. We can begin to perceive this with our minds, but we do not see the transparent world with our eyes. An object’s existence in the transparent world is an unseen existence. We will have to look with the light of consciousness.

Geometry is the transparency of form; there is an invisible architecture of composition to each objective form. Geometry is a metaphysical language within consciousness. This metaphysical language of geometry articulates the invisible architecture of form. In fact, geometry is an archetypal precondition to the materiality of form; the ideas of architecture and form exist in consciousness before they are brought into form. This archetypal and metaphysical language of geometry rests in a mode of transparency within all form. Art is the revealing of the transparent to the human senses. Geometry is a tool for accomplishing this revelation.

Each object exists in a state of potential that remains unknown to human understanding. We can imagine each object entering a certain number of possible states of affairs, but our imagining is far inferior to the true dynamic potential of an objects ability to exist in states of affairs. The potential of the object is transparent only to the Absolute awareness that exists outside of the world. (God). Visualizing an object in geometric transparency is a way for it to meet the light of consciousness. When we see the forms in art, our minds open. Similar to the way a body will respond with its own intelligence to environmental energy or vibrational frequency. The mind recollects and undergoes recognitions in an experience with visual art. This is beyond our understanding or ability to articulate. It operates at a level of energy which is best translated as feeling.


The method with the Rose Geometry is to extract the transparent geometry that is present in the material form. Once the inspired vision occurs, (and the inspired vision occurs after much philosophical and spiritual work) , the artistic process is rather simple. I take a picture of a rose, and then use that photo to extract the geometry from within the form by drawing lines (lines that do not exist) on top of the photo. I then remove the photo and place the geometry on a background color. This prep work is all prep for making paintings. The Rose Geometries will be carried out in gold-leaf, but they could be carried out in a number of different mediums. I prefer the gold in particular because it is very responsive to the light, as well as interactive with the sensitive eyes of a viewer’s location as they move about the room.




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.10.07 PM


Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.13.28 PM



Rose Study II

14″ x 14″

Monastery 22K gold-leaf, Oil paint on canvas



Rose Study I

14″ x 14″

Monastery 22K gold-leaf, Oil paint on canvas


IMG_3653 (2)

Unconditional Love

12″ x 12″

Monastery 12K White Gold-leaf, Acrylic on canvas




Heavens Roses 2-01

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