Calm Persistence


A few nights ago, I opened Paradise Lost and began reading. The poem opens with Satan being thrown out of heaven, he falls and then comes to inhabit his new castle called “Pandaemonium”. I was especially struck by this because in the world right now there is a heavy usage of the word “pandemic”.

I would like to suggest that all chaos is based on illusion, thriving on the fear that exists only in the mind. The way demons work is with the voice in your head. The best thing one can do when overcome with thoughts of any kind, but especially with thoughts of fear, is to learn to observe the thoughts from a place of awareness. The part of your mind that is aware that you are thinking is separate from the part of you that is thinking.

Similarly, observing the illusion of chaos in the world from a state of awareness, one suddenly feels that there is also another force; a calm persistence of divine energy, the source of all life, eternally returning to the present moment. In opposition to the illusion, the truth of this energy can be felt in greater transparency.

The feeling of this divine energy is more clear to me than ever, it is comparable to the feeling of the tops of the trees swaying in the sky, or like a diffuse white light of gentleness. I have been listening more to the birds.

The monks in the monasteries believe that when any one person connects with the Heavens the whole world benefits. This time in the world is an opportunity to grow our divine awareness in the face of adversity. The power of our imaginations is tremendous, try and come back to the present moment as much as you can and connect with the Heavens, focus on the good that can come of this time, and continue to live with love&light.



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