We perceive¬† –¬† We see
We see with our eyes and
we see with our minds
We want to see the truth
about life and all of beauty

Perceiving is the same as receiving
and it is the same as responding
Perceiving means all of them.
It goes on all the time whether we
are awake or asleep. When we
wake in the morning we can
recall that which we perceived
when we were asleep.

Perception is a function
It does not identify
We are not identified by perceiving

We also think. Perception is the primary experience and in think
ing we consider that which we
have perceived. Thinking is
a secondary experience
Thinking compares everything
that we have perceived with
everything that we perceive at
the moment. There is no difference
between thinking and relative
living. Thinking leads to pride,
identification, confusion and fear.

Work is a function in which we
seem to be identified. But in reality
work is a part of the process of
life in which we cannot perceive
the beginning or end of our function.

We have no understanding of the
process of life, in whole or in part
and we never will. We cannot
therefore identify ourselves
with our work.

Since the process of life reaches
to the furthest star the work of
each of us is of no significance

In the great process that is in
the sum of the outward being
of all things living our work
is insignificant – infinitesimal
and insignificant. This must
be realized.

But with regard to the inner life
of each of us, it may be of great
significance. If we can perceive
ourselves in the work, in the
process of working or in the work
of others – not the work but
ourselves viewing the work, then
the work is important. If we can
know our response, see in ourselves
what we have received from a
work That is the way to the
understanding of truth and
all beauty

Those who depend on the intellect are
the many. Those who depend upon
perception alone are the few.


Agnes Martin




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