Angelic Alphabet


I have been collecting letters from the Angelic Alphabet. They are being revealed very slowly, so this is a work-in-progress, I’ve only seen a few so far. Angels are very slow. The signs occur suddenly, at long last.

This project of collecting letters is an extension of a new understanding of the Word, and of the world as a word. Universe as uni-verse, one line, an unending line of poetry, God’s verse, the one mind outside and within all things equally, Logos.

I’m starting to see how letters are also architecture. Consider the A of an A-frame artist’s easel, or the T of a T-square, the S of an S-hook, the H of a bridge, the endless Ws of waves on the surface of the sea. The world is the Word, the world is composed as a Language, the language of God who remains silent, simultaneously within and Outside. The Absolute Awareness exists outside of the language, while we live within it, we have to locate what is outside within. I’m trying to learn how to read this language in order to live toward God with the help of Angels.

“There is nothing outside the text.” – –  Jacques Derrida

“The world is all that is the case.” – – Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Angel Letters are just a fun creative exercise. I don’t actually expect to create an alphabet to be understood or used in any way related to Knowledge. They feel to me more-so like signs without meaning, signs of silence.




*IMG_0692 copy (1)

*IMG_1172 (1)


*IMG_0737 copy (1)


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