& Sarsen




There are holes in the bodies of the stones, the day I was there several different types of ravens and crows were constantly keeping circles around Stonehenge. The ravens and crows  go into the holes headlong, their wings pressed back. There must be hollows and pockets of emptiness in the stones, from the outside it is puzzling. My imagination conjures an inter-dimensional portal the crows drop into and fly out of, messengers between material and immaterial worlds; flights through the void. In the crevices of the stones the ravens have built nests, which is less mysterious and very animal. I was made dumb by the crows, however I was very surprised  no one gave them much attention. I heard one older man mutter, the  three-eyed raven, but that was all. It was a windy day; shifting forcefields, a crow flying against a gust a wind, moving backward. A lot of families visiting together. It must be strange to the crows that the people all stay behind the ropes and on the path, that no one can approach the stones. The day was Tuesday May 7th, 2019.




From the floor at The National Gallery in London.



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