Photos of the work of Anselm Kiefer from a book called Melancholia published in 1993 by Sezon Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan.

All photos make use of the Truncated Cube, in reference to the Albrecht Dürer print, Melencolia I.

Kiefer uses a sculptural glass and metal Truncated Cube. The images are from Kiefer’s studio, of works in motion, being laid out as compositions. Good window for seeing the practice of the artist. There is something in the images. The presence of the shape among the garments seems to be a space to harbor ghosts of lost, forgotten, or blocked souls. The airplane demonstrates a destructive flight. Planes seem like toys of the imagination, the work demonstrating a repetitive flaw revealed in form, the shape on the wing somehow both weighted and weightless. The works are balancing harbor and loss, construction and destruction, something present that is a meeting of a beyond.

The book is mostly written in Japanese, so I can’t read it. There are more images and several essays.  The book cover is the cover image of this blog.


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