ice block, first attending to


These are images from the first attempt of producing an ice block. The unfolding vision here is to produce panes of ice to be left in public settings, to be encountered and interacted with while they melt and disappear. This first one was taken out on a cloudy day, after 2 days in a blast freezer standing up. On a sunnier day there will likely be more rainbows on the ice. The mold was an aluminum metal made custom by Franklen stainless steel. The block was unmanageably heavy, probably 350 pounds, and it was taken out before freezing through; the center had a globe of water. When we were flipping the ice mold around it cracked and released the water, which resembled some type of birthing. The hollow shell of ice appeared to have been a home to something that escaped. The mold will be resized for the next round to be thinner and lighter, which will freeze faster and be more manageable for positioning in a public place. I would like to start the project by placing an ice pane on the jetty at sunrise and inviting 4th dimensional geometries to pass into our world. Until then, here’s where we are….

for images after the block crashes and becomes fragments see: Christopher Corcoran works & praxis














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